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Tell me Cosplay #196 :Luxlo Cosplay

It's been a while ! It is therefore with great pleasure that I propose to you to travel and to go to Canada, to discover the wonderful Luxlo Cosplay !

Tell me Cosplay #196 :Luxlo Cosplay

Can you introduce yourself a little? Tell us a little about yourself?

I'm Luxlo, 22 years old living in a small town in Canada. I'm a student and work part time but in my free time I love cosplay, gaming, reading, anime and movies ^^


How long do you cosplay? Your first suit?

I first cosplayed in 2012, but my first fully self-made cosplay was created in 2014! (My Guild Wars 2 Thief!)


What has inspired you to do Cosplay?

Going to my first convention and seeing all the amazing costumes around me inspired me to get more into it! That and my love for art, and using cosplay as a way to express my love for different fandoms.

Tell me Cosplay #196 :Luxlo Cosplay

How your passion is perceived by your family?

A few of them think it's weird but cool haha. One of my sisters is a little more into the geek stuff like me while some of my family just doesn't get it, but still support it ^^


This passion takes you a long time?

My cosplays take a pretty long time to put together. My fastest I've made in two weeks, my longest probably seven months, and the average is probably 2.5 months.


How does a costume creation?

I'm not sure I understand this question, I think you might be asking me how I create my costumes? I use resources online like tutorials or research info, I use a lot of trial and error and often my materials include Worbla and EVA foam.

Tell me Cosplay #196 :Luxlo Cosplay

How does a day convention? (preparation, photography, meeting with fans)

Pretty hectic and busy is the usual! Getting ready in the morning always takes a long time to do makeup and get suited up in the cosplay.. Then it's a busy day of walking around, hanging out with friends, meeting up with new people and doing some photoshoots, maybe checking out panels and dealers' room.


What are the positive and negative aspects of cosplay?

There are too many positives to list but it's FUN and a creative outlet for a love of your fandoms! It also makes me feel productive and make something I'm proud of. Negatives.. could include maybe some people won't "get" it, or if you as a cosplayer grow in popularity you may receive more negative feedback but it's mostly expected with how the internet is, and something to ignore because you should do what you love!

Tell me Cosplay #196 :Luxlo Cosplay

What is your favorite cosplay? And why?

Of my own? My Guild Wars 2 Mesmer! I worked on it for very long and think it is one of the most elaborate cosplays I've made, including my favourite prop I've made, while also being the most challenging prop I've made. It's also from a game I've poured hundreds of hours into so it's very special to me for that reason as well!


Your next cosplay? Cosplay that you dream of doing?

My next cosplay, that I'm currently working on, is a Sylveon gijinka designed by me. My dream cosplays include Megara from Hercules, Thumbelina, and Shego from Kim Possible. (These are dream cosplays for me not just because I love their character designs or series but because I literally don't have the sewing and wig skills to make them yet! Maybe someday!)

Tell me Cosplay #196 :Luxlo Cosplay

What a pleasure to have exchanged with such a cosplayer! So much talent! Still a huge thank you to her.

To follow his work, it's here!


See you soon !

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