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Tell me Cosplay #44 : Giorgia Cosplay

With the certainty of a refusal to take me, I contacted Giorgia to offer him an interview. Wanting me more open to international artists. And what was my surprise and joy to see that huge Giorgia accepted with pleasure to answer my questions.

So it is with immeasurable honor I suggest you to discover this interview which I am very proud! It is thanks to Giorgia I discovered the beauty of cosplay!

Tell me Cosplay #44 : Giorgia Cosplay

Sailor Pluto from Bishojo Senshi Sailormoon

Can you introduce yourself a little? Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Giorgia and I live in a small town near Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet.

Tell me Cosplay #44 : Giorgia Cosplay

Mai Shiranui from King Of Fighters

How long do you cosplay? Your first suit?

I can tell you the exact date: 21st of March 1997, I was attending the spring edition of Lucca Comics & Games, one of the biggest comic conventions in the world, which at the time was held twice a year.

I cosplayed as Sailor Mars from Bishojo Senshi Sailormoon.

There were other cosplayers, of course, including two friends of mine, but cosplaying was at its very beginning and the total number of cosplayers might have been less than ten.

Tell me Cosplay #44 : Giorgia Cosplay

Athena from Saint Seiya

What has inspired you to do Cosplay?

I had attended Comic Conventions before and I had seen people from the Star Trek Italian Club and from fantasy associations at their booths in costumes from their favorite series, so I told myself: "if they can do that with their favorite characters, why shouldn't I do the same with mine".

So the following year I arranged my first cosplay and the rest is history.

Tell me Cosplay #44 : Giorgia Cosplay

Lara Croft from Tomb Raider

How your passion is perceived by your family?

I think it evolved along with how I approached cosplay itself.

At first they were just curious or dismissive for this "game" I used to play, and as I dedicated more and more time to it they became worried that it might have interfered with the rest of my life.

Eventually they realized that cosplay is far from hindering the rest of life, but rather it gives me opportunities even if it is not a real job on its own.

Tell me Cosplay #44 : Giorgia Cosplay

Wonder Woman

This passion takes you a long time?

It's hard to say.

Of course I dedicate some time into making costumes and attending to conventions, but then a lot goes also into attending to events as a sponsor, introducing contests and other occasions in which I am on stage.

Tell me Cosplay #44 : Giorgia Cosplay


How does a costume creation?

I start gathering as much information as I can, mainly looking for official art and figures, but I also delve into fan art which might give some insight into details I overlooked.

Then I start looking for fabrics, searching for the perfect color and texture and I start designing the model and any props and armor that the costume might need.

After that, I try to split the costume into smaller parts, trying to match them with parts that I know and that I have (or know where to get) patterns for.

There's no magic trick or special technique indeed, it's just a trial and error process trying to figure out what available pattern fits best and which are the modifications it needs to be perfect.

The costume itself is usually a pretty straightforward process, but it's not without hiccups: the various parts must be tried on many times until they fit perfectly.

Tell me Cosplay #44 : Giorgia Cosplay

Tahlo Yuki from Eureka Seven

How does a day convention? (preparation, photography, meeting with fans)

As you might expect, the dressing part requires a lot of time, so unless I have a costume that is very simple to put on (like Kasumi from Dead Or Alive or Mai Shiranui from King Of Fighters), I try to arrive early or even the day before.

If the convention spans on more than one day or if time permits, I try to get some time for myself and visit the convention itself (which is something that does not happen that often).

After dressing up, sometimes the organization ask for a photo shooting with one of their photographers or an interview for the local radio or anything like that and I gladly abide.

And then we all move to the event I am supposed to introduce.

Fans and friends come all the time and I am always glad to meet them.

There have been occasions with organized autograph signing sessions, but generally speaking I prefer the spontaneity of something that just happens.

Tell me Cosplay #44 : Giorgia Cosplay

Kasumi from Dead or Alive

What are the positive and negative aspects of cosplay?

Cosplay is a wonderful hobby that let you express your creativity and your love for a work of art such as a manga, a movie or a book.

It lets you meet people who share the same passion or to be looked at with awe by children who meet their heroes, and adults who thought that passion was lost forever.

Cosplay drama is what makes this world harsh, but I think it comes with the territory and it is not something unique to cosplay.

Put a bunch of people in the same environment, doing the same thing and they will fight over something stupid, so I say just walk on, don't mind them and enjoy the hobby.

Tell me Cosplay #44 : Giorgia Cosplay

Black Widow from Avengers

What is your favorite cosplay? And why?

I am very fond of the costumes which gave me popularity in one way or another, like Alcyone from Magic Knight Rayearth OAV which won me the possibility to go to WCS, Siren from Devilman with which I won the WCS, Kasumi from Dead Or Alive which became a meme on Internet, but my favorite one is Sailor Pluto from Bishojo Senshi Sailormoon because I think it is the one costume and character that fits me the best and I can say without false modesty that my version is "pixel perfect", so I'm very proud of it.

Tell me Cosplay #44 : Giorgia Cosplay


Your next cosplay? Cosplay that you dream of doing?

I have a lot of projects in my mind and some of them are quite unique (costumes that I've never seen before) and bound to the 80s' culture.

Generally speaking, I prefer not to talk too much about my future projects because I'm always afraid that something might go wrong, you know the feeling.

Tell me Cosplay #44 : Giorgia Cosplay


So, thank you for your time and answers.

Thank you for the opportunity.

Tell me Cosplay #44 : Giorgia Cosplay

Pandora frome Saint Seiya

Ah! What a pleasure to be able to interact with Giorgia. A person of great quality, great talent and a wonderful beauty!

I await your many questions for the second part of the interview.

And do not hesitate to visit the page or Giorgia (Giorgia Cosplay) on its website (GiorgiaCosplay) to follow this beautiful artist!

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