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Tell me Cosplay #44,5 : Giorgia Cosplay

It is with great pleasure that we find the bellissima Giorgia Cosplay on Daily Heros. This so talented artist returns today to answer your questions with frankness and frankly a great kindness.

Tell me Cosplay #44,5 : Giorgia Cosplay

Sailor Mars

I admire your work for some years now, in the light of thy beauty, is that the photo is your job? Are you model?

Very good question, I'd like to have a very simple answer for that. Despite what the Wikipedia might say, I'm not a model, meaning that I don't earn my money by posing for photos, but rather by introducing events, presenting a webtv show and sometimes acting in webcomedies.

So, you might say that cosplaying and posing for photos in cosplay helps me getting in touch with people looking for a presenter or an actress, but this is what I am, a presenter and an actress.

Tell me Cosplay #44,5 : Giorgia Cosplay

Miss Majo from Time Machine

Did you know that you had such a reputation outside Italy? Have you ever come to cosplay in France? The would you like? Is this expected? I'd love to meet you for real?

Well, I know Internet has made the world smaller, so it's not a surprise to see my pictures in websites from all over the world and interviews in languages I didn't even know existed.

That said, this doesn't mean I don't experience pride and joy and gratefulness when it happens, when I can touch this firsthand like this time with the overwhelming response to this interview. Thank you all, really.

I did experience cosplay outside Italy, especially in Mexico and Japan.

As for France, I've been to Japan Expo in Paris several times cosplay as Mai Shiranui from KOF and Elvynn a character by the famous french artist Aurore aka Black Cat .This year I've been to Japan Expo too for one day only, but not cosplaying, especially to meet Izumi Matsumoto sensei. Last year I had the chance to come to Nice for Cartoonist, as Pandora from Saint Seiya (Sacred saga version): the con was not big like Japan Expo but really great imho. Now I'm going to come back to Paris dressing the cosplay of Saori Kido (Athena, Saint Seiya) next october for the Pegasus Symphony concert.

Tell me Cosplay #44,5 : Giorgia Cosplay

Jade from Mortal Kombat

Do you read comics or manga? Do you play video-games? To find inspiration for a particular character? Or is it that you selected in terms of aesthetics without really knowing the character.

I am an avid manga reader, but I do love comics from all over the world and you won't have to try hard to find lesser known comics (and not necessarily super heroes' comics) in my collection.

As for videogames, I'm stuck to the '80s like for many other things, so retrogaming (and Wonder Boy in particular) is what I indulge in the most.

I've always tought of cosplay as a way to pay homage to the characters I love, or as a “thank you” to the authors who created them, so I do take inspiration for the characters I want to cosplay from what I know and love.

That said, I try to choose characters that fit me physically, so despite the fact that my favorite anime is Maho Tenshi Creamy Mami, you'll never see me cosplaying her because I'll never look convincing as her.

And sometimes I get commissions for costumes by companies that want them for advertising at events or photo shootings.

If you are now wondering if I really know this or that character in my cosplay gallery, the answer is yes because even if they are commissioned, I study the character before making the cosplay.

Tell me Cosplay #44,5 : Giorgia Cosplay

Black Cat

Do you still limits you in cosplay? Forbidden that you do not want to cross?

Well I cosplayed a nearly nude Witchblade and a three breasted hooker from Total Recall; I don't think it gets any closer to my limit than that.

Do you have a cosplay costume that you're ashamed?

Jade from Mortal Kombat. I'm not actually ashamed by it, but it was commissioned and I've never felt comfortable in it.

Tell me Cosplay #44,5 : Giorgia Cosplay

Fanart from Aurore Blackcat

How cosplay is it perceived in Italy?

Difficult to say, the situation is evolving.

The stage where TVs try to sell the “weirdo in a weird costume” seems to have come to an end.

While this means cosplayers don't get much TV time any more, it also means that when they do, they are as something that is legitimately there (i.e.: it's a tv show about cartoons and anime, or about nostalgia of the 80s), so you could say that perception is shifting from “laughable at” to “funny and weird but in a good way”.

And the audience is wider and wider.

Tell me Cosplay #44,5 : Giorgia Cosplay

Alcyone frome Magic Knight RayEarth

Your passion is still as strong? Do you feel still fun to practice your passion? Do you do much longer?

A true passion never wears off and I really still enjoy cosplaying, but I'm really getting tired of the cosplay scene and the drama it is sporting, so I've decided to reduce cosplaying to something private and to end public cosplaying unless I have to do it for work.

I don't plan on cosplaying for much longer, years pass and I might not be convincing in the outfit I love in the future, so I'll rather end it than be myself's shadow.

Tell me Cosplay #44,5 : Giorgia Cosplay

Tahlo Yuki from Eureka 7

What advice would you give to a beginner? Where to start? Pitfalls to avoid?

As I said in the original interview, start small, with something you can pull of from normal clothes and try to start with a group.

In this way you avoid being discouraged by early failures (and in the beginning everyone fails... a lot) and, most of all you are with friends, which screens you by critics that might discourage you.

As your skills improve, you can try something more and more complicated and soon you'll be featured in blogs all over the world ;)

Tell me Cosplay #44,5 : Giorgia Cosplay

Mai Shiranui from KoF

It's great to see you participate in an interview for a small French blog, you seem to attach much importance to be accessible to your fans, right? Some French cosplayers, lesser known, tend to take the big head.

First of all, thank you for your kind words.

Like I said before, getting in touch with fans from all over the world is always a source of joy for me and even during conventions I always try to have time for a quick hello or a chat with those who approach me.

I hope no one gets offended when I can't.

Tell me Cosplay #44,5 : Giorgia Cosplay

Hitomi Kisugo from Cats Eyes

Cosplay brought you something in your life every day? Cosplay has he taught you things about yourself?

I always say that when you are a cosplayer you are one every moment of your life.

You walk by a shop and you see an object and your mind immediately starts wondering if you can use it for some of your projects.

You visit a place and you think if it is suitable for a photo shooting.

Not to mention the fact that you don't watch movies or anime the same way again, but you are always looking for inspiring characters and outfits.

All in all, cosplaying has pushed my limits, teaching me to always look beyond, to the next thing, because passion demands that there are no working hours, but just commitment to perfection, until your fingers get obliterated by hot glue.

Tell me Cosplay #44,5 : Giorgia Cosplay

Mimi Ayahura from Attack n°1

What can we wish you for the future?

First of all, this is very nice of you, thank you :D

As you might have read before, my “work” is hard to define and is very random, so if you want, you can wish me luck about my work, wish that all the cooperations I have in motion, all the promises and the projects might eventually come to a real and steady job ^_^;;

Tell me Cosplay #44,5 : Giorgia Cosplay

Yuan from Cabal Online

A quick note to readers?

Always follow your passion and don't let anyone get in your way.

I also wish to thank you all for your continuous support, and of course, please, continue to support mine by following me and liking my Facebook page.


Tell me Cosplay #44,5 : Giorgia Cosplay

Sailor Pluto

All good things unfortunately come to an end!

I want to thank from my heart, Girogia for the time she agreed to give us very gentimment, and for his kindness and for all the things she has agreed to share with us!

It's a great time for my blog to have welcomed a beautiful artist as talented and so nice.

Thank you really!

Feel free to follow his news on his facebook page and on its website!

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